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Billboard Creative Services

Robert Fleege & Partners provide Out-of-Home creative services of all levels from conception through production, embellishments and special effects. We can work with you on any level. We can create your strategic advertising from scratch, implement your existing campaigns from other medias or simply just produce (make perfect for outdoor) and idea that you have. We can take care of your out-of-home printing and production by itself or together with a creative/design assignment.

Here are just some of the creative services we specialze in.


• Creative concepts for any type of out-of-home media product.

• Billboards, Transit (bus, train and streetcar sides) Bus Shelters, Airport & metro panels, Bench advertising, wallscapes, Indoor mall posters, taxi tops, vehicle wraps etc

• Special effects design. Lighting, audio, 3D concepts design and/or production.

• Idea implementation working from your paper napkin sketches.

• Media transfers. we can produce your outdoor advertising to match a theme and feel of any existing campaign in other media. print, tv, radio or online campaign.

• cost-effective print production. OOH production can be a beast if you are not familiar with the process. Let us deal with your production headaches. You save time and MONEY.

• Pre-testing. We can test your existing campaign for design and copy effectiveness.

• Design and readability testing & feedback. Get a professional evaluation of your billboard design along with constructive improvement suggestions if necessary. Don't go outdoor for the first time without it.

We can work with anybody at any level. Our clients are:

- end advertiser clients, small to medium size corporations and busiensses.

- advertising agencies. (we freelance for a number of agencies nationwide)

- Outdoor media companies (we act as art departments or just production vendors for outdoor media companies)

- print brokers (we produce production ready art)

Our fees are extremely competitve. Since each assignment has its own unique challenges sizes and quantities we quote all projects individually.

Our cerative/design fees can be as low as $75 and go up to $2,000 depending on the nature of the campaign and amount of creativity and strategic planning is needed.

A typical 14' x 48' Bulletin billboard can be designed for around $250 utilizing existing art and concpets. New, award winning creative start at around $500. Please hit us with an email or call to describe your project and will get back to you with rapid quote and suggestion.

Since 1993 Robert Fleege has devoted his creative career to outdoor advertising excellence. He has won many awards and his clients span from coast to coast, border to border. He also sits on the Creative Committee of OAAA.

See creative philosophy.

Check out David Bernstein's great book on Billboard advertising.

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