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Welcome to Private Label HQ. A guide to the best available and free "Turnkey" Online Private Label Storefronts & Marketing Opportunities.


Offline Private Label refers to retailers selling their own brand - such as grocery store value brands. The grocery chain has not started to make their own soap, just lended their name to it and are providing the distribution channel.

Same with Internet Private Labels. You don't create/build the site let alone the products or services offered. You don't collect money for the products or even offer customer service. All you do is promote your private label brand and site(s).

There are two major Private Label categories.

1) The kind you pay for. (we don't recommend and don't promote)

2) The kind that are free. (we recommend and promote)

The pay kind are not bad if you decide that it is what you really want to do and focus on. You must invest a lot of time and energy besides shelling out the sign-up + annual fee for reselling. Even though you can make money with the pay-for-kind we recommend the free kind. You should ALWAYS be on the alert when you are asked to pay to promote something.

Here we are only focusing on the free kind. (so relax)

Another great reason for doing Private Label Marketing is that the programs often offer at least a 2nd tier referral program. What this means is that you make money not only on the sales you and your storefront generate but you also make a commission on any reseller you refer or that simply sign up via your storefront. After a while you will in most cases make more money from your resellers than your own sales.

Before we review and showcase some of the best private label opportunites let's take a look at what is required and some of the benefits of private label storefront marketing.

Requirements ____________________________________________

None - well at least the ones we promote. Ok, Some have an age limit but are usually available world wide. Commission pay structure and channels may vary from region to region.

You need an email address and some personal infomation. Don't know if prison postboxes qualifies for addresses but these opportunities are really available to anyone with a enough pulse.

In most cases you don't need a website. Affiliate type storefronts ask you to host your store front but it can be done on a free site. There you only get the code and you need to have a site where to host. Example: All posters - But you can and should host your poster store on a free site - like Bravenet for instance.

You do not need a domain name BUT a custom (short & memorable) domain name is recommended. It is just a lot easier to promote and if your PL store company would go out of business or change its policies you can easily take back control of your existing traffic. See more why and how in our upcoming Private label success guide.

Benefits ________________________________________________

Generous sales commission: When we mention sales -- don't confuse sales with traditional work, billing or customer service, and returns. That is all handled for you. You just get the ball rolling and promote your storefront as actively or passively you want. (see PL marketing success guide)

In most cases you get a free website. All the design is done for you and in most cases it is even hosted for you free. (at least the ones we endorse)

Many storefronts let you customzie your storefront look & feel by choosing own templates and color schemes. Others let you even pop in own text only, banners or custom html on headers and footers.

You get to link back to your other stores and ventures. This is a huge benefit and it alone makes it worth doing PL storefronts. Imagine a free website out there that produces income for you WHILE sending you traffic. This reason enough that EVERYBODY should have a handful of PL storefronts.

The best of all benefits of private label storefront marketing is that not only do you get paid (and handsomly) for all the sales that your storefront generates BUT you also get referral commission on people who start their own PL stores either via your storefront or marketing efforts elsewhere. This income is slow but it grows beyond you and you truly have little to nothing to do with any of it happening. Typically the programs pay one big % of the referral level but some PL opportunities may work in a deeper mlm type style. Either way it's all gravy. To get this kind of income opportunity you usually have to be suckered in by a persistant relative and pay a sign up fee + annual memberships for the privilege of making the parent company and upline sponsors wealthy. Not so with any of the programs we promote and recommend.

Are we excited yet? To sum it up.

• Generous direct sales commission and ongoing commission from renewals for subscription type services such as memberships and web hosting.

• You get free a web presence. (times as many storefronts and programs as you join)

• You get to add links and/or banners to promote your other stores and websites. (circulation of free traffic AND PR - page rank from incoming links to all your profit centers)

• Ongoing residual income from automatic referrals. (no tupperware parties needed)

Go to review and sign up for free programs

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Best Free Private Label Turnkey web sites and online storefronts:

1) reseller panel. - free to join and even hosted for free. Provides a great opportunity to make good income reselling web hosting AND it also gives you free traffic with backlinks from your storefront to your other web operations. See our example site. Every website should offer hosting as well.

2) Domain Parking. Dust off your "un-used" domains and put them to work. namedrive - Simply the best domain parking service. - Parking revenue, great for listing. afternic - Parking, Listing and then some...

3) LinkingShip - The Mothership for ALL your sites, promotions, affiliate programs, referral codes, Storefronts etc etc. It's free. Get yours now.

4) Free Information products storefront. Not only do you make money off products purchased but you can also advertise two own programs with two free banners of your choice. You get the storefront free when you sign up for the FAF forum. Also good place to find resellers.

5) - Get free traffic and your websites reviewed daily by your peers by subject.

6) Get your own FREE Telebay online shopping mall. You can start the whole program without a dime and set up your store in minutes. See our detailed report You can then use is as your own shopping site or if you feel like making extra money you can promote your store to friends and strangers.
Mall example | Opp | Mall Opp

7) Bravenet - Create your own custom store for any affiliate program with your own free web site. The easiest point and click web site builder. Also make $ for each Bravenet referral.

8) All posters. Whatever your websites are about you can sell posters. The AllPosters Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website. Link to AllPosters and earn 25%-30% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. They have posters related to just about everything (e.g. movies, music, sports, art, animals) so no matter what the content of your site is, you will find images that are a good fit. Host your poster store for free at Bravenet

9) Click Bank - sell ebooks and digital information on any subject you can imagine. The net is all about instant information.

11) Create affiliate links specific to your audience.

12) Then Promote everything effectively with Viral Marketing