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Private Label HQ recommends these following free online storefronts & marketing opportunities:

These are FREE absolute no-brainers that we warmly recommend everybody should jump on right away:


Reselling web hosting:

It is something every web business and even individuals need and the pricing that you set is hard to match. Our storefront is called It just was a disposable domain that we had. You don't need to have your own domain but it helps for identity and for having a shorter domain when promoting your storefront. Find out more about this opportunity here. see our storefront here

You should use a internet related domain or something that could be used for hosting services. But you can be very creative. Reseller panel also lets you create several stores so can do some different test marketing etc.

(We will later only compare private label hosting opportunites but for now this i sthe only free one we have discovered and the only one we endorse.)


Reselling anything everything you buy yourself, a store front for shoppers and offer opportunity to others:

FREE Telebay online shopping mall:

Shop - get paid. Share it - get paid even more.

You can start the whole program without a dime and set up your store in minutes. You can then use is as your own shopping site or if you feel like making extra money you can promote your store to friends and strangers. You can market both the store and the free opportunity online and offline. See our detailed report

Wanna make up your own mind: Cut2chase
Mall example | Opp | Mall Opp


Reselling digital information:

Whether you have ever bought an ebook, reports, software or scripts online you should know it is one of the hottest overall product categories on the web. Why? Simply people need instant information and they can get it for a fair price. Since the product is digital it is free to store, ship and can be easily updated for free with the latest information. What this means is huge profit margins to the publisher and often even BIGGER profits to you the distributor.

Up to 75%. If you have a website to promote these product great but there are also many free malls that you can create in minutes. (and naturally link to and from your other websites ventures)

Here is an information mall you can get live in just minutes:

____________________________________________________________ Income from 3 profit channels. Get your ID's first and the get your mall. amazon searchfeed clickbank. +++++ It lets you link OUT & promote your other businesses in 3 ways: 1) top banner, 2) a popup window for any site you like 3) a bottom banner. (If you personally hate pop ups like we all get your a popup blocker here.) You do not need a domain but if you have one to spare it makes sense since your own url is probably shorter and more interesting. You get to make a site after you register at the free forum. (its a free opportunity advertising forum - total spam forum, but the free website is worth grabbing) Tip: If you already have a domain in mind, USE it as your user name since it will appear as part of your webpage. You do not make money on referring other people to the forum/webpage but you can cash in on your clickbank, amazon affiliate and searchfeed accounts if you have them. (if not they let you create them/apply in the control panel but it's better to have them in advance)



Reselling posters:

Don't be the last person to join the online poster revolution via You need to have website to host your poster store. It can just be one or two pages of your website. The poster category is very crowded but everybody likes posters. You need to use your natural traffic and lead them to your poster store. You customize the poster store any way you like and pick posters that will interest your websites(s) visitors. also offer a two tier program which is great. You will get notified when you add a new reseller so you can contact this person and help them promote their poster store. Go to to see how we have taken advantage of the large numbers of artists and designers visiting our site.

We have also followed many other reseller programs but we are not quite ready to publish them here as recommended private label opportunities. We seriously only report good programs that are working well. So go grab them.

Then the key to your success is to promote all your programs and link everything together as much as possible + using Viral Marketing

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Best Free Private Label Turnkey web sites and online storefronts:

1) reseller panel. - free to join and even hosted for free. Provides a great opportunity to make good income reselling web hosting AND it also gives you free traffic with backlinks from your storefront to your other web operations. See our example site. Every website should offer hosting as well.

2) Domain Parking. Dust off your "un-used" domains and put them to work. namedrive - Simply the best domain parking service. - Parking revenue, great for listing. afternic - Parking, Listing and then some...

3) LinkingShip - The Mothership for ALL your sites, promotions, affiliate programs, referral codes, Storefronts etc etc. It's free. Get yours now.

4) Free Information products storefront. Not only do you make money off products purchased but you can also advertise two own programs with two free banners of your choice. You get the storefront free when you sign up for the FAF forum. Also good place to find resellers.

5) - Get free traffic and your websites reviewed daily by your peers by subject.

6) Get your own FREE Telebay online shopping mall. You can start the whole program without a dime and set up your store in minutes. See our detailed report You can then use is as your own shopping site or if you feel like making extra money you can promote your store to friends and strangers.
Mall example | Opp | Mall Opp

7) Bravenet - Create your own custom store for any affiliate program with your own free web site. The easiest point and click web site builder. Also make $ for each Bravenet referral.

8) All posters. Whatever your websites are about you can sell posters. The AllPosters Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website. Link to AllPosters and earn 25%-30% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. They have posters related to just about everything (e.g. movies, music, sports, art, animals) so no matter what the content of your site is, you will find images that are a good fit. Host your poster store for free at Bravenet

9) Click Bank - sell ebooks and digital information on any subject you can imagine. The net is all about instant information.

11) Create affiliate links specific to your audience.

12) Then Promote everything effectively with Viral Marketing