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Domain Parking Success with NameDrive

Domain Parking Guru's guide to success with NameDrive Domain Parking service. How to optimize PPC landing pages and maximize revenue.

In our tests we have found one domain parking service above the rest.

The clear winner is NameDrive and if you don't currently park with them you should give it a try. Park a few and compare the results.

Here are some of the reasons we picked NameDrive as the best place to park your domains:

1) Great and relevant ads that are easy to adjust

2) Best control panel. Clear , easy and fast to use.

3) Really good looking parking pages.

4) Good combination of both 1-click ads and side and top menus and sub menus.

5) Plenty of good categories and sub categories to choose from

6) Fast real time set-up and editing. Do not take advantage of the fact you can can control the settings without annoying keyword approval periods. Do not abuse this.

7) The pages just show up better and higher on Search engine results. Don't know why and how but they do.

8) Good referral program with genereous commission and support.

9) Great stats. You can easily compare you names and their performance. The bad apples will stick out. You can rank the names in visits, clicks, Click through %, and Pay Per Click. This way you can see which names are underperforming and WHERE. - And try to corrent it by small adjustments - see below.

10) The optional contact domain owner feature is userfriendly and perfectly positioned. Doesnt scream THIS IS FOR SALE like so many domain selling focused parking site's pages are. It neatly says - Enquire about this domain.

Ok those should be enough reasons with the addition of my honest and sincere recommendation.

Go ahead test park a few names. No you don't need a big portfolio. Just sign up for a new account. It's free of course.

Ok so you have now parked a few domains with NameDrive - Now what? How do I maximize the income.

NameDriven: NameDrive Success Guide.

Ok How do you make your NameDrive Domain Parking pages perform:

1) Make sure you choose the best category and sub category COMBINATION. It is a bit hard to see quickly what is available under each category but take your time and get these two choices DEAD ON. The Category and the subcategory will to a great deal affect the ads displayed and also the top menu choices and left side menu list.

2) Choose the right keywords. If you don't choose any keywords the system will pick ads simply based on your domain and category and subcategory. When you pick keywords you must consider the nature of your domain.

Does the domain have a past? Does it have history and people coming for the old site. If so go to and try to find out what the site was about. Then match the keywords and ads fitting that content.

If it doesnt have a past then think why people come. Is it a typo domain - then match the "target" site ads. If it just is a so called regular keyword domain then figure out the most typical and the highest paying meaning for the domain. Sometimes a domain can have several meanings. Pick the most appropriate and the highest yielding category. Go to to see what certain keywords cost.

You should have up to 10 keywords. Also popular two word key combos.

Like for example also make sure that not one single word or term throws off your ads. (usually due to secondary meaning) for example. If you have dog domain and put training only you may get some PC or School ads. Put dogs, dog training, kennel, puppy

Think about what is the most highest paying words. With dogs it would be health and training and toys especially popular electronic games. Go to amazon and hit your keyword and sort by best selling. Add Nintendogs as a keyword.

Also in the keywords I like to use the full domain as is (unless is messes up he ads - so check). When the pages evenutally gets indexed with the SEs it is good to have exact domain so that people who are looking for your domain will find it better. That is if you own it to sell.

3 Then just choose the best template header graphic. Sometimes another heading is better for another category completely.

4) Now its time to check out your page. (but you should have already been doing it while you tested keywords) Check that it looks fine and that you have relevant ads.

5) Now the last thng to do is to monitor the domains performance. Make sure your give enough time so you can start to see trends. I recommend 30 days before staring messing too much. Unless you see some obvious thing wrong. The best way to evaluate the performance under settings is by sorting the domains by CTR. Then go to your last page or last domains. These domains need help.

Key Stats:

Views: Not much you can do here. Your domain either got it or it doesn't.

CTR: How many % are clicking. This is the most important stat and the one you can control the most. Somehow people aren't clicking on ads. Check the pages. Study the ads. Are they in sync with your domain and look of page. What about the feel. Is the template matching the ads and the name.

Avg. PPC - This tells you what in average a click is worth. If its low - below 10 cents you should see if you can get higher paying ads. Perhaps your traffic mostly comes from far-away hard to monetize countries. Try changing keywords and categories.

Always keep an eye on the lowest 20% in CTR performance. Take a screen shot or copy and paste names and stats into a word file and keep a log. Compare results after a month and see if the numbers are better and if new names have replaced the old low performers.

You should also keep an eye on the low traffic names. Sort by traffic and go to the last page. These names arent just getting the traffic. See if you can add traffic by adding more good keywords. Repeat domain word itself as one full keyword and also as "split up" if applicable.

Again make a note of the low performers - Sort by revenue which will tell you the eventual word. In the end after tweaking the bottom 10% or so should be moved to another parking site. Sometimes for some weird reason a name will just do better in one place over another.



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