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Welcome To Web Income HQ.

Every day, millions of innocent people are forced from their homes by a disaster called a job - don't be one of them.

There are a gazillion ways to make money on the internet. Here we share information and strategies in our pursuit for happiness and living off the internet.

IF you are completely new to internet income opportunities go and study our FREE online course to making money on the internet without spending a cent or pence. It will show you how you can start making money immediately by setting up free income centers and linking them. Then you'll learn how to market those sites, increase traffic and moneytize that traffic. Still without spending any money on hosting or even domain names. We have built the site without writing a single piece of html code. It is also hosted free as is all the other tools in the course. This web of income centers could be built from anywhere in the world - all you would need is an email address and accesss to the internet. A community center, library or Apple store would work great.

For most web and highest paying income opportunities you need a website -- a platform website where you can promote your various offerings and products.

Success on the internet will come from multiple streams of income. The key is to try a lot of different programs and approaches. After studying stats and results, the better programs for YOU will emerge and then you will need to duplicate and focus on those programs.

How would you like to get one pay check/paypal commission every day of the year from your internet efforts. Sounds too good to be true? Well it will take time and smart work but can be achieved like this: You would need to find 31 programs that work for your marketing platform/situation. Then you need to work towards reaching the minimum payout treshold each month. (usually btw $20- $50) In essense -- you would then get paid everyday for the rest of your life. Ever increasing pay checks that is. If you feel overwhelmed - think about it this way. 31 programs is not hard to find. (many of them you find here and could be done 2-3 times) You will not naturally make the minimum treshold right away BUT you will make some money from each program each month - pretty much right off the bat.

The great thing about internet income is that it is accumulative and residual. Your efforts keep paying you month after month. AND on the net more than anywhere else, SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS. More visitors into one program will lead to more traffic to others. Make sure you link up your ventures.

Say you want to make $5,000 a month "off" the internet. What you would need to do is find 100 streams that produces $50 a month.

Finding a hundred programs that will work with little effort may seem like a daunting task but it's not impossible. They are out there (and many are in here). You will learn as you go, while getting feedback from your stats. (and checks) You may end up doing 50 programs that produces $100/mo instead, or 10 programs that produces $500/mo or even just one in the end that gives you your $5000/mo.


The reason you need to try many programs is that you will need to test to see what is working. THE KEY TO have many multiple programs/sites is that they will feed each other with both traffic and ranking. It also prevents you from having a month without your 5k if something happens - and things do happen. Companies go out of business, commissions can be frozen. Rules can be broken by mistake or by pushing the envelope. Search engines might block you. etc.

Here are some of the key ways to make money off the internet. Many can and should be combined.

1) Affiliate marketing.

2) Contextual Ad Income revenue. Google adsense etc. Yahoo ads. AND more importantly your own ads. Or even better - make your own contextual ads with your affiliate programs and appropriate Click Bank links.

3) Private label marketing opportunites

Both free and the pay-for kind. (if you pay for a reseller opportunity you better make sure you give it some serious focus - at least until it handsomly pays back your costs with interest)

4) Domain business - Buying, selling and moneytizing traffic through effective parking.

There are plenty of web opportunites out there where you do not need a website. They are called private label storefronts. Webmasters with own existing sites should join these as well because they can do 4 things for you.

1) Generate income selling the product/service that the storefront is about.

2) Generate income from other resellers learning about the opportunity through your sites, marketing or simply through your OPTIMIZED storefront.

3) You are allowed to add your own links and banners to your storefront so that you can generate traffic back to your main "job" or your other income streams.

4) As if that wasn't enough (for free and 10 minutes work) the fact that you link to your other websites and/or other storefronts will help the PR - Search engine ranking value of your other projects.

To sum it up: YOU will get PAID to have FREE traffic coming to you.

This is such important factor of success on the internet that we have posted a separate page for Private Label Income opportunities.

This is the first week of this page. Please bookmark this page and check back sonn. Sorry we will correct spelling and get a ton of more information here shortly. If this is all too much for you and don't even have a website or own a single domain don't worry we will add a web income 101 section here soon.


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Get into the web hosting business (with a free website giving you income and promoting you you you...)

Some free internet income sources:

1) reseller panel. - free to join and even hosted for free. Provides a great opportunity to make good income reselling web hosting AND it also gives you free traffic with backlinks from your storefront to your other web operations. See our example site. Every website should offer hosting as well.

2) Domain Parking. Dust off your "un-used" domains and put them to work. namedrive - Simply the best domain parking service. - Parking revenue, great for listing. afternic - Parking, Listing and then some...

3) Free Information products storefront. Not only do you make money off products purchased but you can also advertise two own programs with two free banners of your choice.

4) Get your own FREE Telebay online shopping mall. You can start the whole program without a dime and set up your store in minutes. See our detailed report You can then use is as your own shopping site or if you feel like making extra money you can promote your store to friends and strangers.
Mall example | Opp | Mall Opp

5) Free Viral Marketing - Then use free viral marketing along with Linking sites & forums to market your sites and storefronts.

6) - Get free traffic and your websites reviewed daily by your peers by subject. Its free.

7) LinkingShip - The Mothership for ALL your sites, promotions, affiliate programs, referral codes, Storefronts etc etc. It's free. Get yours now.

8) Create affiliate links specific to your audience.

9) All posters. Whatever your websites are about you can sell posters. The AllPosters Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website. Link to AllPosters and earn 25%-30% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. They have posters related to just about everything (e.g. movies, music, sports, art, animals) so no matter what the content of your site is, you will find images that are a good fit.

10) Click Bank - sell ebooks and digital information on any subject you can imagine. The net is all about instant information.

Recommended books on web income tips and strategies: