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--------------- 2006 ---------------

Not much - work work work.

Hu'e Fleeget: What’s new

Feb 2006: Formula One Talk - Launched. A new forum for F1 Fans. Please join us! www.FormulaOneTalk.com

--------------- 2005 ---------------

November 30: Introducing René Victoria Fleege http://community.webshots.com/user/fleeges

Spring 2005: Work, work, work and during free time house work.

March 23: Anja Fleege 1 year. What a fantastic year it has been. Parenthood rocks. There's nothing that comes even close.

March: Gustaf Fleege (my dear dad) finally gives up smoking!!! Pappa, always knew you were smarter than smoking!

January: Moving family and business to Columbus Ohio. Photos at: http://community.webshots.com/user/fleeges

--------------- 2004 ---------------

Anja 6 months: New photos in Photo section or directly at: http://community.webshots.com/user/fleeges

September 12th: Kimberly Marin Rumack born - Anja's long awaited friend!!!!!!!

August: Ohio Trip & Olympics!!!!!!!

June 16 - 29th 2004: Trip to Finland. Christening of Anja Elizabeth Fleege. Bishop Lennart Koskinen performs the honors. God Parents Lina Fleege and Morris Fleege.

April: The Grand Mothers Sandi & Siw arrive from Ohio and Finland and spends 2 weeks each with a few days overlap.

March 23rd: It's a Girl!!!! Anja Elizabeth Fleege is born at UCSF Children's Hospital, San Francisco, California at 00:48 am. 8 lbs 6 oz, ~ 3.78 kg 21-1/4" ~ 54 cm. See photos at http://community.webshots.com/user/fleeges

March 17th: ETA of Lilla Fleege Jr. We apologize if this is the way you had to find out. We just gotta stay better in touch, ok...? Very exciting times. Going through the whole naming process. Gotta sound normal in both English and Swedish. We are going to try make the baby bi-lingual straight out of the box. Lisa is learning Swedish and Robban is getting used to speak Swedish around the house by practising on Greta.

March 6th: Brad Winkeljohn weds Amy Owen in beautiful Palm Springs. The Fleege's regretfully absent due to close due date of jr/jtte. Congratulations Amy & Brad. Hope to see you soon.

February 29th: Lotta Linnea Kumenius is babtised. Lisa & Robban proud but unfortunatly absent God Parents.

January 3rd: The much anticipated "Hulda" is born to Tofi & Susse Kumenius.

--------------- 2003 ---------------

December 6: The Fleege's Annual Glögg Party. + one year anniversary of many things + Finnish Independence Day. Still no invitation from the President Halonen to the official Palace ball. Maybe next year.

October 15 - 19: Columbus Ohio trip. Ariel & Randy's US Tour. + Visiting Family.

August 12 - 17: Short and brainless Honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta on Mexcio's Pacific Coast. We wanted a short beach vacation that required no planning or guidebook reading.


August 9: Lisa Hammock and Robban Fleege tie the knot in Sonoma, CA.


August: Fleege Photo Album - Features Photos from Australia Trip and Some initial shots from our wedding.

August 6 - 8: Pre-wedding activities such as sailing, golf-tournament, Saratoga barbecue pool party at Michel & Kicka Wendell, SF party & taped RF comedy show + Cable Car Sightseeing

August 6: Fleege & Hammock Golf tournament. As the last 3-some Wendell, Nisbet and Fleege cleans up all prizes including tournament win. Sorry guys, and thanks!

June 24: Hyena Comedy graduation show. Robban's Stand-up Comedy debut. It was great fun. One of the biggest thrills of my life. 2 shows at a small but jam-packed joint. If you missed it a taped version will be aired at the Glogg Party December 6th.

May 21 - 30: Randy Bennet, talented American designer weds longtime girlfriend, lovely Ariel, -- Taichung, Taiwan. Fleege & Hammock to witness the event. Trip canceled due to Sars. Sorry Randy & Ariel. Best of luck.

May 6: Robban joins an 8-week Stand-up Comedy class by Hyena Comedy Institute, culminating in a "graduation" stand-up show Tuesday June 24th. Call if you are interested in witnessing this event.

February 8: Kristoffer Kumenius weds Susanne Dromberg in Sjundea Finland. Martin and Robban best men. Lisa and Robban vacationing in Finland.

--------------- 2002 ---------------

December 6: Robban proposes in South Park and she (Lisa Hammock) says yes.

November 26: Bob Hindman weds Noriko Akiyama in Berkeley, California. Best men: Kris "Tofi" Kumenius, Robin (Robban)(Robert) Fleege, Janos Libor, Linhard Stepf.

October 9 - 23: RFP goes "down under". Robban & Lisa visit longtime friend, colleague & client Kai Eerola and wife Kati. Saw Sydney and the East Coast. Sydney definitely rivals San Francisco in pure beauty and geographical marvel. What a continent! What a country! Australia's density is 6 ppl per square mile!!!! US, which is mostly empty has 78. The "motherland" UK has 636 people per square mile. I think the prisoners shipped down under drew the longer straw. Oh yes, the water does circle clockwise in the sink (due to the Coriolis effect - Earth's rotation). We got it on tape, so there.


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• family stuff - familjen fleege. Famous Fleege's like Mauritz Fleege who fought against Russia in 1809 and before defeat, retreated through Lapland down Sweden to Europe to fight Napoleon.

• side projects, inventions, idea development, things cooking

• Fleege's 100 Most Useful Sites. Fleege's Top 100 Websites. Basically my collection of my most useful bookmarks.

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http://www.sfautoshow.com - The largest show of any kind in San Francisco Bay Area. Rocks every year in November.

http://www.alfandalf.com - The San Francisco Party Connection The one and only Alf Marcussen.

http://www.mytvgroup.com/ - The hottest new media hitting the US continent since the Sandwich Board.

http://www.nexitventures.com/ - Technology venture funding and incubating. Michel Wendell

http://www.zephyronline.com/ - Alex Siow's Appliance (ventilation range hoods) Empire

http://www.thinkmodernfurniture.com/ - Successful owners closed shop and retired South of the border.

http://www.minardiusa.com/ - Official USA Fan Club of Formula 1's Minardi - Emmet Quigley

http://www.vogdesigns.com/ - Randy Bennett - Verging On Genius - Taiwan's Image Police

http://www.blackmonday.info/ - Rusty Sanchez became a rockstar and stopped calling

http://www.pikku-idis.fi/ - Jari Tammi - The Robin Hood of the Publisher's Wood

http://www.sunlightelectric.com/ - Solar Power is back!!!!!! Rob Erlichman is shaking up the industry.

http://www.zeistdesign.com/ - High end packaging design. Oscar Mulder

http://www.bluewhiteventures.com/ - Eero Teerikorpi - Your bridge to the US market.

http://www.susanpage.com/ - My friend, mentor, and oh yes, new favorite relative Susan Page - Author & Relationship Coach.

http://www.3pers.net/ - Home page of Anders Pers, Susie Pers and Caroline Pers.

http://www.thebrainexchange.com/new_site/guidelines.html - The Brain Exchange San Francisco Bay Area Women's Brain Exchange

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