Art Director: Robert Fleege

Copywriter: Robert Fleege

Media: 15' x 40' freeway billboard. Veale Outdoor

Client: Manly Automotive Santa Rosa

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Robert Fleege & Partners is a San Francisco California and Columbus Ohio based advertising and graphic design agency. RFP specializes in creative and effective advertising, Billboard advertising , Poster advertising, concepts, primarily for print and outdoor media. Art direction, copywriting, and graphic design portfolio includes: out-of-home-, billboards, 14x48 bulletins, 30-sheet posters, wallscapes, transit posters, transit shelters, murals, magazine print advertising, newspaper advertising, direct marketing, collateral, identity design and more. Media, marketing communication, and creative business consulting. Full service capabilities from creative concept, through media placement to production. Per project Freelance Design to full service marketing & advertising consulting. Outdoor Vinyl production and pure print broker services. Ambient Media and Guerilla Marketing.

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