Transit Advertising Design An "everything to everybody" local Internet Portal.
General Branding: URL & name recognition campaign
transit advertising posters
Bus King Poster
Bus Poster
BUS KING BUS QUEEN Transit Advertising Design An everything to everybody Local Internet Portal.

General Branding: URL & name recognition campaign

Art Director / Copywriter: Robert Fleege

MEDIA: Transit Advertising > Muni/SamTrans King & Queen Bus Posters - San Francisco/San Mateo

Robert Fleege & Partners - Transit Advertising Agency

OOH Media > Ambient Media > Outdoor Posters > Transit Posters > Metro Posters > Creative Posters Bus King Poster - Bus Queen Poster - Bus Tail Poster

Streetcar King Poster - Streetcar Queen Poster - Streetcar Tail Poster Interior Card - Car Cards - Bus-side tail and vehicle wraps.

Out-of-home Media > Outdoor > Billboards > Creative

Media Placement. Per project freelance design or full-service capabilities from creative concept, through media placement, to production.

Columbus Ohio, San Francisco, California USA

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