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The absolute best ladder at the absolute best online price:

Little Giant Ladder's Best pricing

The Infomercial states that you cannot find this product at discounted price but our research show you CAN indeed find it at a better price online:

If you have been living in a cave with a low ceiling and don't know the Little Giant Ladder you better check it out.

It will forever change the way you fix, paint and clean around your house both indoor and outdoor.

It is easy to use and sturdy. The only problem is that it comes with a pretty steep pricetag but thanks to amazon you can now get it at the lowest ever price.

People ask where can I find the absolute best price for the little giant ladder. Should I wait for the state fair, should I buy it through the informercial or should I buy it off their website. No no and no. The only place to get the ladder for less is through this link:


Here are some of the top reasons you should buy the Little Giant Ladder.

What are people saying about the Little Giant Ladder:

You will still want to keep and use your smaller ladders for smaller jobs. But for anything higher up both inside or outside the house the little Giant is it.

Worth every penny and this from a dummy who paid full price.


It's one man (or one woman) BIG ladder. ( 1 person to easily operate)

"If you want a good multi-function ladder this is it"

Stability: Sturdy and you don't have that top of ladder feel.

Safety: This ladder is for people who use ladders frequently and who understands the value of safety. What's the price on your health?

Functionality: Easy to extend, change configuration and collapse.

Made in the US. Quality Quality Quality...and should you ever need it - Guaranteed.

Sturdy, functional, made in USA - Excellent workmanship and finish. Works as advertised. Solid as a rock


A bit heavy compared to your small ladders...a feather-weight compared to ladders of same reach. But unlike the informercial states. Keep your smaller ladders and steps for the small stuff. When you you need a compact Big ladder this is it. The heaviness is not much of a problem also since the ladder is so compact...and once you stand on the ladder you'll appreciate the extra stiffness.

Price: Retailing at close to $400 it is expensive IF YOU PAY FULL PRICE. The people who compalin about the price all paid full price. Now you can get the real deal cheaper. Dont be fooled by clones and cheap immitations even if they are made or sold by reputable companies. There is only one Little Giant Ladder. Get the real deal but don't pay full price.

I'd been watching the infomercial for the Little Giant for a few weeks and been thinking "that's a good idea but it's kinda expensive". Then we went to our local annual home and garden show, and sure enough, there was a Little Giant stand there. This made all the difference to me - being able to try it "hands on" on the show floor rather than just seeing Al from Tooltime fiddling with it on the TV.
The basic premise is that this ladder will replace all your other ladders.
The design is actually pretty simply. The basic ladder is an A-frame ladder with a super-strong 1000Lb rated hinge. This means there's no crossmembers. Slid on to the bottom of each side of the A-frame are two extensions, held in place with spring-loaded clips on either side. The spring clips lock through the sliding members and into the rungs of the A-frame.
Your basic A-frame can be made taller by extending each of the extra pieces out by up to 4 rungs. If you extend each side unevenly, then you have an asymmetric A-frame which allows you to get close to walls and such. If you unlock the main hinges and straighten the A-frame out, then you have an extension ladder. It goes without saying that extending the sliding members makes the extension ladder longer.

If you take the two extensions off and clip them together, you end up with a second mini A-frame. Combined with the first A-frame and a decent piece of timber, you've got the makings of a trestle-type work platform. One thing they don't mention in the infomercial is that to do this, the two extensions which are clipped together should be secured in the middle with the work platform to make them safer.

The base of the ladder extensions are flared, so you have a wider base at ground level and a wide spread at the top of the ladder when used in extension mode. This instills a lot of faith in the ladder when you're up there doing something.
I got a couple of accessories with mine. The work platform which is a hinged platform that hangs off the rungs. You hang it on the rungs and push it "inside" the ladder so you can step over it, then flick it out with your foot. It's pretty roomy and takes my weight with both feet without any problem.
I also got the uneven ground leveller which is basically a clamp-on I-beam that you can put on one leg-end to compensate for uneven ground. And I got the wing bar, which is a godsend for working on roofs, gutters or high-up windows. It clamps to the top rung and makes the ladder stand-off from the wall. This means you can get at gutters without having to lean back and such.

The ladder does weigh a bit more than your average ladder, but when you examine the construction you'll know why. For a start, the main A-frame assembly is box-section rather than the more traditional (and flimsy) open I-beam style. The hinges themselves are pretty chunky - they had some separate at the home and garden show and when I picked one up, it must have weighed about a pound on its own. But the extra weight is offset by the convenience factor. The ladder stows in a relatively compact 5ft height. This means you can lug it around without all the hassle associated with longer A-frame or extension ladders. For me, it's a bonus, because I can get it out of the garage and past the car without worrying about mashing up a wing mirror or the paintwork now. I'd sooner be carrying this around on one shoulder than trying to navigate my 8ft extension ladder around even if it is lighter.

Some of the other reviews mention lousy customer service. Having not had reason to contact them for service, I can't comment on that aspect of the company.

I am however more than happy with the ladder itself - it reaches well high enough for all the jobs around my home and feels a lot more secure doing it than any other ladder I've owned.

The same company do three different sizes of this ladder - this being the smallest. The largest one has some staggering height and is really designed for use in high warehouses and very tall buildings. They also do a fibreglass / non-conducting version of the ladder for electrical contractors.

This is the one item that I have bought off of an infomercial (Okay, my wife bought me the Beavis and Butthead DVD too). I've watched the TV ads for about 6 months before I started getting interested. Then one day the natural gas guy showed up at my house to do some work and he had one. He said that it was a great ladder, so I decided to get one.

The ladder works great. It does everything that the commercials says it does. The ladder feels much more stable than your standard ladder. Changing the configurations of the ladder is easy, but not quite as easy as they make it look on TV. When I first got the ladder it seemed like changing configurations would take forever but after a week or so it becomes must easier.

One of the weak points of the ladder is that it is pretty heavy (about 35 or 40 lbs). If you plan to be moving the ladder around alot this may not be the ladder for you.

Another weak point is the price. I think I spent close to $400 on this ladder. But you are definately getting a solid well built (in America!) for the price.

I recently purchased the Little Giant Model 26 Ladder System. Storage height is 6ft 7in. As an A-Frame it goes from 6ft to 11ft and when extended goes from 13ft to 23ft. The weight is 54lbs. In addition I purchased a leg extender and an extra work platform. All items were received within 4 weeks of the order date. I find the workmanship to be excellent and the ladder and accessories work exactly as demonstrated in the infomercials. Admittedly, it takes a little extra muscle but this is the large ladder of the series. Still the ladder sections slide smoothly and all hardware works as designed. I am most impressed by the hinge construction which is thick solid metal as compared to the competition which is either stamped or made up of thin layers sandwiched together. I fully believe that this ladder will be here long after I'm gone. Despite a post by another reviewer my ladder is stamped MADE IN THE U.S.A.. The price was and continues to be the biggest drawback of this ladder. I think it could be a little cheaper even with the free shipping.


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