GuruIndex will be a guru database site where people can find gurus in specific fields. If you tooo have too many ideas and not enough time park your domains;

Guru Index will be a web resource for finding Gurus in every category. As for now we just listing our top Reseller panel hosting resellers. Join them:

Instead of paying for hosting your website - make hosting your website pay you. And if you are happy with your hosting company - thats ok stay there. You can still resell hosting.

We are looking for more gurus who want to be featured in our directory and who want to take advantage of this fantastic side income opportunity.

What you need to do is sign up for a free web hosting reselling account. Set up your free storefront and then email us your user id/store name along with your guru website info and which guru category you would like to be featured in.


Here are just a few reasons why it is a no brainer to sign up for the reselling program:

1) You can make good money selling web hosting and reseller panel will do all the work after you set up your storefront. Billing, returns, tech support and customer service is all done for you. You just get commission checks or paypal payments.

2) In addition to offering great web hosting at fantastic rates you can add links back to your other Guru gigs, web sites, or portfolio. You basically will gain PR (page rank) value to your other sites (through link popularity) and you'll get more visitors. All for free.

3) You will also make money from reselling the opportunity. A large percentage of your new potential clients will want to be resellers themselves to get better rates or just to make money with the opportunity. You'll get 10% from their sales.

4) Did we mention - very little work after set up and it's all free + you can promote your self... if you don't want to promote your services and make more money your are not a guru. Guru's - well the western kind have huge egos and want to make lots of money - so they have more funds to do good of course.

5) To top it off you'll get support from us. We will help you succeed and we will feature your webhosting store front and your Guru webpage on whatever subject (must be clean and constructive) in our directory. At a later stage the directory will be a standalone directory with the reselling part as a side note.

It is very easy and you will be done in just a few minutes.

Step 1 - Create a reseller panel account and storefront. To be sure that you are included in the Guru Index Network be sure to click on banner or visit this link or sign up via our storefront.

Step 2 - Contact us with your store ID + your optional Guru web page url and description so we can link to your webhosting page and your guru web page. email

Step 3 - work with us (if needed/desired) and the reseller panel forum to learn how to make this opportunity as automatic and lucrative as possible.

(there has been occasions where people have signed up for the reseller panel but visited another storefront just prior to signing up -- which makes you a reseller affiliate of that storefront. To be sure to be part of the Guru Index network make sure you go to this link or sign up via our storefront - Thanks - we look forward seeing you on the list, working with and helping you)


- anybody and everybody. Even if you are not a guru or doesnt even have a website. Anybody can get started making money with the reseller panel BECAUSE you will get a free site for your hosting reselling store.


- Well it's automatic when you join the reseller panel through us. If you don't feel like a guru in your field or simply just don't have a website to feature then no biggie. We'll feature you when you are ready but we will feature your storefront in our ranking list.


Our top performing Gurus are:

We have included their storefront links here for Link Popularitity reasons only. To join the reseller panels Guru Index network click here when you are ready to get going.

Congrats and thanks to these fine resellers. Keep up the good work. It takes time and true income comes through residual resellers client renewals. Your next years same month will be at least twice as good as this month.

  1. jkdecola
  2. majesk7
  3. didoz
  4. edniso
  5. malamah
  6. ibdwl
  7. gurdeep
  8. acmeprofit
  9. andrewc
  10. gdchappy
  11. kal0
  12. ssesay
  13. mfraioli
  14. muhammad
  15. dberube
  16. erinlefevre
  17. adiboy
  18. phunx
  19. ccs
  20. bmomoney22
  21. coolseller
  22. dwenterprises
  23. regfee

Please note that this chart only ranks resellers in accounts sold. The last name may well be making good money through own resellers only which are revenues that that the reseller only enjoys 10% of. So thanks to all resellers here for the 10% of your fine sales efforts. Naturally we will do everything we can to increase your sales.

Resellers: By listing you here we realize that you get a few "accidental" sign ups but thats ok. Enjoy. The main reason for listing you here is that your storefronts will gain link popularity and improve page ranks on search engines results. We will contact our resellers soon and your guru pages featured as well in proper sections (to come shortly). If you are on this list - please contact us with your website links and description and any questions you may have. (please note that may need to hear from you since there is sometimes no way for us to contact you - if you haven't taken advantage of the link adding feature of your reseller storefront)


Soon this site will feature:

Guru listings in easy to find categories.

Tips on how to improve traffic to your storefronts.

How maximize visibility for your sites.

Marketing tips.

Some of the questions we will answer:

- How can I sell more hosting packages?

- How do I get more affiliate resellers?

- How do I get my affiliate resellers to sell more accounts?

Become a reseller click here.


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