December 2005
Reporting on internet money making opportunities:

FREE Telebay online shopping mall.

Wanna make up your own mind: Cut2chase - Mall example | Opp | Mall Opp

At the mall scroll down all the way and check out - "if you were given a mall, would you take it"


Last cookie wins.
There is a saying in the ecommerce internet business. "last cookie wins" - what it means is that by visiting sites and clicking on links you pick up a tiny affiliate marketing code that has a pre-set life span for up to several months. When you eventually shop somewhere, somebody somewhere gets a tiny commission - the last website that led you to the same usual webstore. An old cookie always dies if a new cookie enters for same store or business.

So what?

Telebay can put you in the cookie business and give you and your friends credit for those purchases. You can get your own personal shopping mall and get to eat your own cookies :)

So what's so new about this? The combination of possibility to earn money and free is what is new. This has been around before in two ways: Credit card type shopping points malls and the pay-for-kind online store opportunities. Telebay gives you your own mall for free and you can make money on other people shopping at your store and also from people who decide your mall is neat and one of their own.

You enjoy same sites, same services and brand stores where you shopped before. Only difference is, now they get your cookie when you visit them. You get the kick back commission and save. Unlike credit cards kick back stores this can be an income generator as well, since you get commission if other people buy from your store. Or if someone want to open their own store by visiting yours. (naturally, you still get your all important credit card points when shopping as usual at any store)

Never before has a quality opportunity like this been available for free. YES, unlike so many other income opportunities - this one is completely free.

For that reason we believe this will spread like wildfire. So our recommendation is for you to sign up for your own personal store right away - and share it with people around you. (and on the internet if you have an established web presence) Get your own mall now before your brother-in-law or neighbor does. :)

If you want your own cookies you deserve or if you want have a little side hobby business this could be it.

As if America and the world need another incentive to shop -- Enjoy

Mall example | Opp | Mall Opp

At the mall scroll down all the way and check out - "if you were given a mall, would you take it"


What's the fastest way you can describe this opportunity?

Shop - get paid. Share it - get paid even more.

You can start the whole program without a dime and set up your store in minutes. You can then use is as your own shopping site or if you feel like making extra money you can promote your store to friends and strangers.

Is it a mlm type ponzi pyramid network marketing type thing?

It pays in multiple levels but the income is generated purely from the sales from the free storefronts. Not from sign-up bonuses to get your cool title and then annual renewal fees as the most aggressive mlm companies. Since its free it is not going to be aggressively pushed on people arent pressured into pay entry fee into the ring of upline BIG AL type earners...who want you to teleconference with him every third day.

Would you need or use these services/products?

Yes. You already shop online. + they offer great prices on many other services that you already use if you so choose. Compare and make the right shopping decisions as normal. You get the commission of your own spending.

Is is really free - No mystery about this shopping opportunity?

Yes - completely. Your mall is even hosted for you. No costs for you. If you want to spend money marketing the store or opportunity go ahead but keep an eye on the bottom line and stay profitable. If something works well - repeat it.

Can I make money?

Yes. The amount depends how actively you want to share this business. You can turn it into a home based business by promoting it to friends and strangers online and offline. You can go slow or as fast as you want. The power of this opportunity is that you would want to encourage people to sign up their own store. This way they would get their own commissions but so would you? Your earnings would go way beyond you, which is the beauty of the network marketing concept. It works very well when done right.

Will this ship pass by. Can I wait and see?

Since it is free you might as well not wait. Just as everybody has email and many have photo pages and blogs - there are serious reasons to believe that down the road everyone will have their own little personal web storefront as well. Why take the risk of being wrong. Sing up and get on board.

OUR many 2 cents!

Mall example | Opp | Mall Opp

Has Network Marketing finally grown up. Can GREAT MLM be free - YOU BET.
This how you would run a network marketing company. This opportunity will be very attractive to MLM outcasts. People who got burned and swore they would never go to do another network marketing opportunity. It will also attract the crowd who are put off by the whole handholding praise the CEO lets do more training (brain-washing) so commonly practiced by traditional mlm companies.

No more passing around the buck and all going down with the ship.

This opportunity is free - pays in multi-levels (There's absolutely nothing wrong with multiple levels of compensation) based on REAL sales only. So NO sign-up costs for the new guy/gal that is celebrated in form of bonuses for upline.

This is free and money is made from money earned - but still in many levels.

FINAL Verdict: We believe this is the best opportunity coming around in a long time. Sign up NOW before your neighbor or brother-in-law does. :)

See what your mall looks like here
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Learn more about the company and opp here.

More details about the opportunity:
Hundreds of Great Stores All In One Place, and Free. This is the Ultimate Shopping Experience. You have access to hundreds of top Online Merchants at one place. Examples include but are not limited to: Books-A-Million, Target, Home Shopping Network, Office Depot, Office Max, Drugstore, Macys, and much more.

Additional products and services include Financial, Security Systems, Telephone Services, Cell Phones, and much more.

You can make commissions from sales generated from your own mall. You can even give away malls to others, and make money from their sales, as well. You can even be your own customer, and make money from your own purchases.

If you can shop online from your trusted store you can save money and if you want you can do this online business opportunity. There are no costs associated with Telebay. Even your storefront is hosted for you free.

Mall example | Opp | Mall Opp

Any questions?



We are currently also checking up on the Global Domains International - opportunity. It seems fine but perhaps the emphasis is a bit too much reselling the opportunity. As far as a hosting deal it is not much of a deal- for really great hosting at affordable rates go to. - Yes you can resell it too and its free. Private label storefront is hosted for free too. You also make 10% on refering resellers.